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Saint Andrew, a fisherman, brother of Simon Peter, was the first person Jesus called to be disciple. He was Christianity's first missionary. Tradition claims that Andrew was crucified on a cross shaped like an "X". He became patron saint of Scottish and Russian Christians.

In 1866 Donald McKerracher, a young divinity student from Queen’s University organized the eight families as the nucleus of what became St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Services were held for four years in the old schoolhouse on Wellington Street, between Pim and Church Streets. In 1874 The Rev. Wm. Kay became minister and Mr. Henry Pilgrim donated the land for the church building at the corner of Wellington and East. The foundation stones were hauled in the winter by sleigh from the American side where the second ship canal lock was under construction. The building was completed in 1875 at a cost of $2,500. The original elders were John Garson, Charles Nixon and Peter Brown with C.P. Brown as Sunday School superintendent. The church seated about 70.


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